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Welcome to the Little Farmhouse Blog

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Hi there, my name is Kelly, creative behind A Little Farmhouse. I am so excited to share with you my passion for self sustainability, flowers, herbs and all things gardening, tried and true homestyle recipes and my newest adventure URBAN HOMESTEADING!

I was raised in a small rocky mountain town in northern bc, where back roads and bonfires really were how we were raised, baking bread from scratch was a life necessity, and a vegetable garden was essential hobby. I grew up just minutes away from both of my grandmothers, our acreage was actually connected to my dads parents place lol but anyways my grandmothers and my connection with them are what sparked my true love for farming, gardening and all things homesteading and self sustainability. There was such a much deeper appreciation for the earth and "things" back then, when peopled loved with A LOT less. When the vegetables we ate were either grown in the backyard, bartered for with a neighbor or bought at the LOCAL farm market. Electricity was a luxury and a woodstove heated with hand cut wood was survival. When the things we needed to survive weren't just a simple mouse click away. Simpler, by no means easier, just a more humbled and thankful for the little things kinda time.

I am so excited that you are here and look so forward to sharing our little farmhouse life with you. I believe that living smaller and appreciating more with less is such a humbling journey. The connection to nature and the land is grounding and spiritual, learning from the soil and creating something that will eventually feed you is a gift I hope to inspire!

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